Saturday, July 27, 2019

Paper of Qualitative Methods course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Paper of Qualitative Methods course - Essay Example One of the main elements and aspects of Omans economy was the quest to diversify the economy and enhance and promote different sectors, which included tourism as a means of generating foreign exchange (Daher, 2007). In order to enhance the nations tourism potential, there is the need for Omans human resource base to be improved significantly. To this end, there is the need for a structured and critical study to be conducted into the countrys human resource base in the tourism sector, identify issues and analyse the options available for improvement. The aim of this paper is to present a research-design on how "tourism education can be enhanced in order to promote human resource management in the tourism industry of Oman". In order to attain this end, the following objectives will be explored: In order to conduct a qualitative research, there is the need for the researcher to utilise various research methods and research processes. This will enable the researcher to undertake a critical review of the facts and circumstances and come up with a theory or explanation to a social matter or situation. The essence of qualitative research methods lie in the fact that researchers need to find ways and means of universally analysing issues in order to come up with generally accepted conclusions. Banks identifies that there can be differing way of looking at the same issues and that several viewers may have different opinions on the same thing in the social sciences (2013). Therefore there is the need for some kind of consensus and conceptual frameworks that will enable researchers to conduct research and study issues in order to come up with acceptable conclusions. Banks (2013) goes on to identify five sociological modalities through which qualitative research is conducted. They include compositional interpretation, content analysis, semitoic analysis, psychoanalytical analysis and discourse analysis (Banks, 2013). This paper will investigate elements and

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