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Classical cultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Classical cultures - Essay Example The essay analyses these texts to find out how the issues of men-women relationship and their roles in society have been discussed by the ancient Greek historians and writers in their works. The Greek play Lysistrata written by Asistophanes is one of the few survived Greek plays. It tells the tale of a woman who decided to carry on extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian war. The play has been written in a comical style and impressively depicts the status of men and women and their relationship in the Greek society. The play focuses upon the war between Athens and Sparta and the quest of a woman to stop the war. The play shows that the men used to enjoy all the powers and authorities in the Greek society but they took the state towards the state of war because most of them lack wisdom, common sense and peaceful nature. The Greek women however have been portrayed with her love for peace and love. The play shows the women generally have a weak place in the Greek society however, their just desires, unity and courage made them stronger and influential in the society. The position of women in Greek society and the perception of men about them and their relationship are clearly depicted in the dialogues spoken by the main character Lysistrata . She arranged a meeting for the women of the community but when they failed to reach within time she was disappointed that the women are burdened by men with lots of responsibilities that that their freedom is badly affected. She said with her neighbour Calonice. My heart's on fire, Calonice—I'm so angry At married women, at us, because, Although men say we're devious characters (Asistophanes , line10-11) The play shows that the men in Greek society commonly view women as a source of sexual relations. They limit them to their domestic lives and home routines and never bothered to give them any active role in the society. But the women still worked to teach lesson of peace to the men. The men were not only attract ed to the wisdom of the women words but they also feel attractive towards their message due to their beautiful body. The play shows the power of sexuality, beauty and strong thoughts that enabled women to play important role in the society during the war time. Another important text that tells about men and women relationship and their role in the Greek society is the ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae written by Euripides. It is the story of a young Greek god compelling others to accept and worship him as God. The play talks about the dominating role of men in the Greek society. The men are depicted having the power to take command over the women. The King Dionysus gathered cult of female worshipers and drive them to sing and dance in his praise. He also prepared them to fight against the men however when the King Pentheus was returned to his city he strictly dead with the madness of the fighting women and jailed many of the women. The play shows that the women were widely used by m en as a mean of gaining different type of benefits and favours. They are oppressed to act in certain manner and the men having power influence their acts towards certain direction. The play shows weak position of women in the society having lack of authority and decision making power to direct their lives and actions. The play starts with the dialogues of the Dionysus depicting his proud and

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