Friday, January 24, 2014

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Panchagar: instructions those are getable in Kustia pattern: * there has nurture active admission test accompanying role of schools. * Block- Supervisor diagnoseens are usable. * E-Krishi service is activated. * training virtually plant food heads, food production, List of block supervisory program and some tuition links are in addition ready(prenominal). * governs early(a) discipline wish - Geographical profile, Trade and commerce, Newspapers, sports and entertainment, language and culture, transfer of training facility, Freedom fighters and loss war, Famous persons, Upozilla and Union are also given in the portal. Informations that are non available/Problems in Kustia regularise: * Education report is not updated. * No list around educational institution. * The Contract learning of Fertilizer dealer and Agricultural officers are not given. * No teaching about health sector. Its totally un-updated . there has no information about hospital list, doctor list or anything about health. * The informations of Private School, College and University are not available. * feed Production information is very old. It is not updated. * There has pretermit of information about visiting places. * There has hotel list notwithstanding no impinging information. Recommendation: This mesh portal is by and large not updated. Educational, agricultural, health information must be updated deep down a laconic time. Dinajpur: Informations those are available in Kustia District: * Agriculture information is available. * Education information is available. * District subroutine is well defined. * Educational information is available only when in pdf format. * There has information about historical places and tradition of the districts. Informations that are not available/Problems in Kustia District: * There has list of doctors name but no contact number. * Theres no! thing about educational Information * Private schools and colleges admission...If you want to get a across-the-board essay, rank it on our website:

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