Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Leadership Capability Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Leadership Capability - Research Paper ExampleThese be the main areas that I need to improve on as a loss drawing card. As a leader with such weaknesses, I go forth ensure that the subordinates are aware of the position that their inefficiency will not be tolerated in any way. Ways of improving this embarrass having talks with the subordinates to explain their decisions on various issues. I will as well engage the subordinates in friendly activities. However, when it comes to awarding punishments I will not be friendly or take sides. In any organization, for subordinates to follow the place down procedures, the leader needs to be straight to the point and articulate. As the leader, I will occasion wholey seek assistance from other employees in areas where much assistance is required. All subordinates need to feel that their employer is friendly, but this is only to a certain extent. Therefore, I will ensure that employees are more cooperative and self-initiative (Adair, 2011) . Chapter 3 shows that as a leader I am involved in working moderately with what the subordinates are doing. My strengths include being able to coordinate with the subordinates and move in what they are doing. As a leader, I am able to make things work and make valid decisions with the consideration of how it affects others. My weaknesses, as highlighted in the score, include not being fascinated by technical work and not being able to work with abstract ideas. These are the two main reasons wherefore I had a low score. One of the steps that I need to take as a leader so as to improve is to reconcile to technical issues. To adapt I will ensure that the issues which I do not understand are explained to me in ways that are interesting. I will also ensure that there is a competent subordinate who will be in a position to deal with such issues. In all organizations, most subordinates prefer a leader who is an all-around person. Hence, as the leader, I will ensure that they view me as a competent individual in all aspects concerning the firm. An all-around leader, in a successful organization, is perceived by the subordinates as a person who can solve their problems. These are not salutary any problems but only those that are related to the organization. Addressing weaknesses such as these, will involve all my time and ensuring that I get all the info required when dealing with employees new ideas. This approach, in my opinion, is likely to solve my weakness because having all the information will assist me to have more confidence in the ideas presented by the employees. In a successful organization, when a leader makes a point of doing the research individually, his or her actions increase the level of confidence among subordinates (Godwyn and Gittell, 2011). The fact that the leader is involved in what subordinates are doing, shows that he/she is a suitable leader. Hence, to strengthen my strong suitistics, I will ensure that my subordinates view me as a le ader who is concerned with their problems at work. Chapter 4 shows that as a leader I have the ability to effectively deal with group work. This is a crucial character trait of a leader in organizations where most work is done in groups. In this chapter, this is one of my key strengths. I scored highly, but there are some areas that need to be improved. One of the areas that need to be improved is my social aspect of being a leader. It is clear from the test scores that I am not in a position to solve

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